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Terra d'Oro

Our Award-Winning Zinfandel Vineyards

We are blessed with the ability to farm three distinct vineyards: Home and the historical Deaver Vineyard. Each parcel has its own unique characteristics and yields such wonderfully different styles of Zinfandel. We are also very fortunate that all our vineyards are in close proximity to our winery which helps during the harvest. The name Terra d’Oro means “Land of Gold”…which pretty much sums it up.

Home Vineyard

Planted in 1977, 3.68 Acres, 100% Sustainable

Vineyard Notes: The Vineyard, in its entirety, was grafted over to Zinfandel in 1994 on the susceptible rootstock AxR. It is the only Zin vineyard owned that is bilateral cordon trained and used for red wine production. The vineyard is surrounded by mature Valley Oaks with deep roots that monopolize the water supply, thus making it necessary to harvest the outer vines first and continue in a doughnut pattern.

Clonal Information: The vineyard is planted in what is called the “Heritage” clone, which produces fruit with very unique characteristics. Unlike traditional Zinfandel, these clusters are very loose with round berries, allowing the grapes to ripen in a much more uniform manner. The Heritage clone also produces wines with exceptionally soft, lush structure that is more characteristic of a Sonoma Valley Zinfandel than an Amador County wine.

Soil Notes: Receiving a pronounced southwest sun exposure, the soil is unique for Amador County. It is much more alluvial in nature than our other vineyards. It lacks the signature red hue that is traditionally a result of large iron components, typical of Amador soil.

Deaver Vineyard

Planted in 1881, Approximately 23 Acres

Vineyard Notes: The Deaver Vineyard has a horseshoe-shaped ridge that runs though the vineyard, with a swale in the middle of that horseshow. That swale produces a crop that is harvested separately due to the soil depth yielding different complexities in the fruit. The wines are al head trained which has been most effective with Zinfandel because it gives the fruit excellent sun exposure.

Clonal Information: This vineyard is one of the original plantings in Amador County and the vines have served as the parent cuttings for a majority of other vineyards in the region. The Deaver acreage is iconic when discussing Amador Zinfandel, as it continues to produce rich fruit with amazing concentration, character and Shenandoah spice.

Soil Notes: The soil on the ridge of this field is very shallow and rocky, with lots of clay in it and a large iron component, which is a characteristic of many Shenandoah Valley vineyards.

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