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Our Vineyards

Terra d’Oro owns 800 acres of vineyards across two regions: 500 in Amador County, which are spread across five ranches, each with its own unique defining characteristics, and 300 in the Clarksburg AVA. Every acre is sustainably farmed to ensure the current and future health of the vineyards and their surrounding environments.


Amador Vineyards

Amador County

The Amador County AVA is synonymous with Zinfandel and other rich reds such as Barbera and Petite Sirah, with good reason. The area’s elevation and its iron-rich volcanic and granite soils produce small yields of intensely flavored fruit. During the growing season, the days are warm, but thanks to the cooling influence of the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains, the difference between daytime highs and nighttime lows can be as much as 40 degrees. This range keeps the fruit’s sugar and acid in perfect balance, resulting in beautifully complex wines.

Clarksburg Vineyards


The Clarksburg AVA, located 30 miles west of Amador along the Sacramento River, is well-suited to growing aromatic white varietals. The area’s warm days are tempered by cool overnight breezes that flow up from the San Francisco Bay through the Sacramento River delta, creating perfect conditions for Terra d’Oro’s Chenin Blanc/Viognier and Pinot Grigio.

All Terra d’Oro vineyards are tended with sustainable methods to maintain the health of the soils, water and ecosystem, ensuring the optimum health of the vines. These include:

  • Using covers crops to maintain the nutrient content of the soil and to prevent erosion
  • Actively conserving and managing water use in the vineyard through aerial imagery, off-site water movement, watershed management and testing of irrigation water
  • Using biological pest controls (such as owls and native pollinators) rather than pesticides
  • Limiting use of fertilizer to only when and where absolutely necessary
  • Converting the pomace from each harvest into compost

In addition to being sustainably farmed, two Amador vineyard blocks have been certified organic (CCOF) since the 1990s with another 43 acres to be certified organic by 2023. All Clarksburg vineyards are either CCOF certified or Lodi Rules sustainable farming certified.