Amador County

Explore Our "Land of Gold"

Here at Terra d ‘Oro, we are blessed with being located in beautiful Amador County. Our vines are planted in the perfect combination of soil and elevation, with the added bonus of the ideal amount of rainfall, plus hot days and cool nights for just the right balance. We are also incredibly fortunate to be able to farm three distinct vineyards: SHR, Home and the historical Deaver Vineyard. Each parcel has its own unique characteristics and yields wonderfully different styles of Zinfandel. We are also very fortunate that all of our vineyards are close in proximity to our winery, which helps during harvest. The name Terra d’Oro means “Land of Gold”…which pretty much sums it up!

If you would like to find out more about Amador County history, our culture, and most importantly, even more details about why wine from this region is so special, just follow the links below. You may find yourself inspired to come explore our “Land of Gold” for yourself.